3d-MID Congress

Session about Printed Electronics at 3D-MID Congress in Würzburg  


Nano meets the future

Nano meets Future 2016 – Die Zukunft liegt im Kleinen Talk (german) at the event in Saarbrücken at Sep 16 Registration and programm  

Printed Electronics

Printed Electronics is a key enabling technology


Understanding the value of technology, innovation services for applications and customers


Networking enables faster research, development and faster enty to the markets anmd customers
LOPEC 2016

Printed Electronics@LOPEC

LOPEC 2016:
MSW at Booth B0.218

MSW exhibited at LOPEC 2016 in Munich at booth B0.218.

MSW was part of the joint booth of Printed Electronics Franken

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Who We Are

MSW is the home of various competences. Originally coming from Software developement, MSW now incorporates all the skills to analyze technologies (especially Printed Electronics) for customers, educate them to take the best use of it and develop programs and actions to get the best value for companies and their customers

Our Skills

Innovation Management

Business Analysis



Why Choose Us

Innovation is the key accelorator for new business.  New technologies are used to enhance products or enable new applications. Printed Electronics is a technology with many application possibilities. The applications are manyfold. Companies need knowledge and analysis to pursue this. MSW and Wolfgang Mildner will help your company to find the best value.
Technology means Development and Knowhow. Finally this means time and ressources. Carefully select the technology and know-how, you put your ressources to.
Analyze, define, develop and communicate the value of technologies. Marketing is key for innovation
Communication is a key success factor. Defining the core message, the core target and the core channels in conjunction with a step-oriented plan delivers the results for the business
Networking enables fast success with strong partners. Key Networks are available here

Watch printed electronics at LOPEC

Our Network

Core Services


Project management

Project Management for Technology to business endeavors

Interim Management

Interim Management – additional ressources in critical transitions


analysis, targets and measures – the road to performance

Program and Software development

From coding to software concepts. From implentation to quality and program roll-out